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Tom Andrews and Evergreen

Welcome! My name is Tom Andrews and I was born and raised in Hartland, VT in 1991. I went to Hartford High School and then received my bachelors in History from Norwich University in Northfield, VT. At Norwich I was in the Cadet ROTC (reserve officer training program) and found my love for the military. Summers were filled with my other passion, outdoor services and landscaping. I worked at a golf course as part of the grounds crew, as well as several landscaping companies. During my senior year at Norwich I enlisted into the United States Marine Corps as a infantry rifleman. I traveled the world, stepping foot on multiple continents and 10 different countries while training alongside fellow Marines and foreign militaries for 4 years. In 2017 I was honorably discharged and began landscaping work in Windsor County, VT. After over a year I decided that starting my own landscaping business was what I wanted to do for my future.

Along with over 5 years experience in landscaping; I also bring the integrity, determination, and professionalism that was instilled in me during my 4 year military career. My mission is to always put forth the most professional product no matter the job or weather.

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Snow Plowing

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Evergreen Property Services will proudly be offering snow removal this winter. We are offering two different options. Monthly contracts are available as well as one-time Snow Plow contracts. Please be aware that one-time snow plowing is done on an as available basis, there is no guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your need. Want that guarantee? Sign up for our monthly contract which also includes mowing, and Spring and Fall Cleanup!

We are now also available for roof cleaning. With the heavy snows of winter, if you don’t keep your roofs clear you may end up with water backup on the roof which can lead to leaks in the home. Contact us today and find out how we can help clear those roofs and keep your home dry and secure.

Lawn Care and Mowing


As always, we offer regular mowing. Some like their lawn mowed weekly, every ten days, or every two weeks. We suggest that you decide on which timeframe you prefer. Depending on the moisture we receive in the spring, I recommend mowing either weekly or every ten days. Once the grass stops growing as much, the mowing can be pushed back to every two weeks if you like. For returning customers, mowing prices will stay the same as last year. For new customers, we are willing to match competitive prices around town.


If you are having a hard time getting grass to grow or if seeding your lawn is not a feasible option, sod laying is the solution for a great and green looking lawn in a timely matter. As a plus, laying sod is also a great way to increase the value of your home. Pricing depends on the size of your lawn, but if you would like an estimate, please just mark it down on the enclosed checklist.

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